【What is a hot pot】

Hot pot in general, is based on pot utensils, heat source pot, water or soup heat, to cook food cooking. Its characteristics are cooked while eating, eating food is still steaming. The characteristics of hot pot from soup cooking food, we call it the bottom of the pot, it is the soul of hot pot, bring memorable tips for the tongue. The bottom of the pot is usually divided into red soup pot, clear pot and duck pot.

Chongqing hot pot can be divided into red soup pot, soup pan and Mandarin duck pot:
– Red soup pot with butter on the pepper, pepper, watercress, spices and other brewed by high temperature, taste spicy, mellow taste palate, aftertaste, so that can make people non- stop.

– Clear soup pot is based on their preferences with large bone or fungus water boiled, light taste, to a greater degree to restore the food taste, but also rich in bone or fungus flavor, so that people can feel the same poor spicy Hot pot brings delicious.

– Mandarin duck pot is a combination of red soup pot and clear pot, the pot is divided into two, one side of the red soup, while the broth, so that we can meet the same table guests tastes of different tastes.

【the history of spicy hot pot】

Spicy hot pot originated in Chongqing, about the Daoguang Qing Dynasty, Chongqing banquet began with a hot pot. Chongqing hot pot has a long history, from the beginning of Jiangbei Ferry Boiler pot cooking their own soup and other unmanufactured beef dumplings (cattle Lou Ye, cow’s intestines, tripe, beef liver and other offal) began to hawkers who Carrying the picks along the street selling simple pot, until the cottage Street Mac Brothers in the Republic of China officially entered the hotel fifteen years, has gradually become the staple food. And experienced the evolution of historical periods such as “Anti-Japanese War” and “Cultural Revolution”. Gradually formed history through such changes as the “hot pots for pots” and “pots with hot pots”.

Chongqing hot pot its large-scale catering, dining a large number of dishes, complete, and after a long cultural heritage, pot culture can be deep-rooted. Chongqing is known as the capital of China’s hot pot, it is well deserved.

【Chongqing Liuyishou introduction】

Chongqing Liu hand pot from a 200 square meters of street shops into the current has a number of branches in the country, throughout China. Since 2009, the branch office has offices in 11 countries and regions such as the United States, Canada, Dubai UAE, France, Australia, Indonesia, Bali, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Laos and New Zealand. Towards international.

After 17 years of hard work and enterprising, it has won the top 100 catering enterprises in China, top 50 enterprises in China hot pot, China hot pot, China hot pot 10 brands, China hot pot endorsement brand, China top 10 hot pot chain brand, Chongqing hot pot, Chongqing famous Trademarks, the top 50 chain enterprises in China, the 2016 China Top 100 catering enterprises and many other honors, the annual business turnover of more than 3.7 billion yuan, a world-renowned international restaurant business.






【Authentic match】


【Cooking time】



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